Art Connections - Grades K-6

Art Connections - Grades K-6

The lessons in the Art Connections Online Series for Grades K-6 are each related to history, literature, science, social studies and/or art history/appreciation. Each grade level has 4 project-oriented lessons, and all of the instructional video and supporting lesson plans and other documents are accessed online. The lessons are designed as enrichment activities for students with a good background and understanding of art elements, principles and techniques - such as taught in the Arts Attack curriculum (or equivalent). They can be purchased either as a complete series or by grade level.

Filmed in the classroom, the Grade K-6 bundle has over 8.7 hours of instructional video (shown to the students and featuring classroom demonstrations by other students), lesson plans, student drawing aids, teacher reference materials and much more. Being video-based, it can be taught by teachers or parents with little or no art or art education background, as well as by those with considerable art education training – achieving exceptional results in both cases.

For a more detailed description of the content of grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, please click on those individual grade levels (previous page) and refer to the grade level descriptions.

As shown below, the per school pricing of Art Connections Online Grades K-6 varies depending on the number of classrooms that will be using the program. Pricing for up to 3 classrooms per grade per school is shown below. If your school has more than 3 classrooms per grade, please contact us for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.