Art at Home - Grades 3-5

Art at Home - Grades 3-5

ART-AT-HOME is a smaller version of our complete ARTS ATTACK CURRICULUM. This program series was designed to fill the need for distance learning with convenient, individual, pre-packaged Art Supply Kits for students. While all of our program options can be easily used for distance learning, the ART-AT-HOME series is ideal and unique because of the individual Student Art Supply Kits!

ART-AT-HOME has 3 products: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6-8. Each product includes a 1-year subscription for 12 lessons as well as 12 art prints with discussion guides from our GREAT MASTERS VIRTUAL MUSEUM. The focus of the lessons is on drawing technique and water-color, but other media are also included.

This series brings innovative video-based art lessons, as well as a digital art image program, to the elementary or middle school virtual classroom. A smaller version of the award-winning ARTS ATTACK ONLINE CURRICULUM, this fully validated program provides an easy to use online format and is designed to meet the needs of every teacher with or without special art training.




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