Atelier has proven results

Validated at schools throughout America,

Over 1,000,000 students in schools and homes throughout America are using the ATELIER art lessons for children to develop their artistic and creative skills, to learn about artists, art-principles and art-history, and to develop the creative capacities of the right side of the brain.

If you have looked around for art courses,

you have probably seen a lot of textbooks or workbooks. Your instinct or past experience tells you these will not work for you. Are you ready to try a new approach?

By teaching visual art visually,

You will able to extract the full potential from your student(s). If you are looking for a program that is easy to teach, hands-on, and teaches concepts at the age level, Atelier provides 8 levels of award winning lessons that will empower students from any skill level to achieve amazing results!

Textbooks alone, with no video instruction,

can be confusing and not user-friendly, and may also substitute comformity for creativity. Private lessons are expensive (especially if you have more than one student), inconvenient (lots of driving), and dependant on finding the right teacher.

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