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Video-Based Instruction you can teach from your home.

Art for homeschool parentsAtelier Online includes 8 levels, each level provids a full year of visual art instruction. Students will build and develop a foundation of skills by learning and working through the essential elements and principles of art including: line, color, space, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance and emphasis. The program also includes art-history, media exploration, creative self-expression, cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques and much more.

Art for homeschool parentsEach video lesson shows the materials and work space lay-out, provides visual motivational material, and teaches the lesson. This abundant instructional coverage, as well as that of students in a virtual art class performing the lesson and displaying their finished artwork, consistently produces exceptional student results and learning, independent of the art background of the parent-teacher.

Art for homeschool parentsExtremely Teacher Friendly and easy to teach, you simply gather and layout the materials, show the video, and watch you students create an original work of art. It's developmental/sequential approach to teaching art elements and principles - as well as drawing, technique, artist appreciation, art history, multi-cultural art, media exploration, self-expression, etc. - can always be counted on to get great student results in any home or classroom environment. In fact, many homeschool famlies use Atelier as a regualr weekly activity for the entire family.

Art for homeschool parentsValidation Over 1,000,000 students in schools and homes throughout America are using the ATELIER art lessons for children to develop their artistic and creative skills, to learn about artists, art-principles and art-history, and to develop the creative capacities of the right side of the brain.

Parent’s Manual With Lesson Plans

All videos are reinforced by lesson plans which make absolutely clear the objectives, materials, techniques and procedures of each lesson. Also included in this printed material is information on giving an art show, tips and methods, glossary of terms, visiting a museum, artist chronologies, materials list and more.

Great Masters Virtual Museum

Artist appreciation and art history enhancement. Atelier Online includes a unique digital art image program with each level which include artist and artwork background, curriculum connections and additional activities. LEARN MORE

Art Print Kits

We also offer to enhance your program by adding one of our three art print kits, this is a printed version of the Great Masters Virtual Museum. Each Kit contains ten 8”x10” art-prints with discussion guides, which include artist and artwork background, curriculum connections and additional activities. ORDER MORE

Art Supply Kits

Provides student’s basic supply requirements common to all modules. Includes: 30 sheets drawing paper, 50 sheets colored construction paper, 100 sheets warm-up paper, 6-pack of tempera paint, colored & black marking pens, Prang watercolor set with brush, Crayola drawing chalk, wax crayons, easel brush, #10 brush, sponge, drawing pencil, eraser, Elmer's glue.

Parent & Student Support

We are dedicated to the success of your art program and provide professional support for all parents and students. There are 2 ways to contact us for support.

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Art for homeschool parents

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Art for homeschool parents

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