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Working together, homeschoolers Co-op Atelier program

The highly successful Atelier program provides an excellent resource for co-op situations.

We encourage group learning here at Atelier. Group learning or co-op situations allow for group creativity and sharing.

Co-op Art Curriculum
  • Easily Combines multi-aged groups.
  • Uses common, inexpensive, easy to find materials.
  • Requires minimal planning for the teacher.
  • If you have any questions about using Atelier in a co-op setting, please contact us at 1-(888) 310-ARTS (2787).

    Using the Atelier program our co-op

    Using the Atelier program our co-op is able to teach 15-20 children at a time. Since the video does the teaching for us, we are available to assist the children without missing a beat. It’s wonderful!”

    Christy Peddicord
    Plainfield, Illinios

    The most exciting thing about this program is

    "The most exciting thing about this program is experiencing the children grow through art. It has been exciting watching them as they discover that they can achieve results far beyond what they thought they could produce. When the video goes on, my students are glued and can’t wait to get started!”

    Geri Dietz
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Homeschool Art Program.

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